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ghost_signs's Journal

Ghost signs and other visual archeology
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Before the creation of the modern billboard, advertisers used the sides of buildings to convey their messages. Advertisements making modest promises of refreshment, satisfaction, and fulfillment were painted directly onto wood and brick. As time and technology changed, both the promises and the signs have been abandoned. What remains are faded remnants that have, in many cases, outlived the companies that originally sponsored them.

Winter Street, Boston, MA, July 13, 2005

ghost_signs was created to collect and document these relics and to begin an exploration into the nature of change in human space.

Photo rules:
- Where possible, include the location and date the image was shot.
- Uncut images should be no more than ~500 pixels on their largest axis
- If there is more than one image in the post, or the image is larger than 500 pixels, use the LJ-CUT feature.
- All images are copyright of their respective posters.

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