the store of satisfaction

The Store of Satisfaction

I can't make out the old store name, but the second line says "Home Furnishers".

This one is in an alley between 272 and 282 Centre St. in Newton MA. It was impossible to get a decent straight on shot because of the buildings were too close together.

Grand Theatre

This has got to be the Mother of All Ghost Signs!

This is the Corner of 7th and Snyder in South Philly. It's another old building that has long since been re-purposed - Snyder Avenue is full of them. As you can see it is now Titan Industrial Supply.

But in a former life it was the Grand Theatre.

So how long ago was this former life?

Talkies? I thought it was quaint to find old signs that promised "Air Conditioned Comfort" or Motels that hawk "Color Television," but I think Talkies has got them beat.

Thank God these Titan guys aren't motivated to power wash the building.

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